Nitrous Oxide

If you are often overly anxious when going through a dental procedure, at our dental practice we offer nitrous oxide, a sweet-smelling colorless gas made up of nitrogen and oxygen. Nitrous oxide is given through a mask that fits snugly over your nose, about five minutes before the dental procedure.

Also known as laughing gas, it is a safe and well established method to deal with dental anxiety and discomfort. It calms and has a comforting effect even though you remain awake, in control, and with the ability to communicate. It also tends to lessen anxiety, increase a patient pain threshold, reduce an overactive gag reflex and makes time pass more quickly. It is often used in pediatric dentistry.

The effects of nitrous oxide wear off in about 5 minutes and you should not experience any effects of the gas afterwards.  This allows for you to drive to and from your appointment. 

Nitrous oxide is very beneficial for short appointments, for longer appointments you may want to consider the use of Oral Sedation.

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